Batescraft Joinery


Office and shop fitouts, counters and shelving

About our Commercial Services

Setting up a new office, or just want to give your store a facelift?

We can supply matching counters, cabinets and shelves, as well as general fitout services.

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    Desks and Workstations

    Need specialist workstations designed specially for your office layout or just want to new desks to give your your office a fresh new look? We can design custom furniture to your exact requirements.

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    Need a new counter for your shop or office. We can build custom counters that will match your existing decor and layout.

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    Shelving and Displays

    Want shelving to make it easy for customers to easily find your product. Or need specialist shelving to store your products? We can assist to crate a custom design for you.

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    Office and Shop Fitouts

    Are you setting up a new office or store. Whether you already have a design or would like assistance to create a new look we can help.